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Wish List Wednesday

Guns and Roses Tour Tee By And Finally
ASOS Rain Mac in Block Colour
 Blue Mermaids Have More Fun Cup with Straw
Quay Australia Sugar and Spice Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses 
Chantilly Lace Unlined Demi Bra
Chantilly Lace Bikini Panty
New Balance 300 White/Red Suede Trainers
Vans Satomi Jacket
Silence + Noise Mayfair Plunge Black Surplice Top 
Harrow Red Bobbi Brown Art Stick

It's been a while since my last 'Wish List Wednesday' and with my birthday not far away and the thought of holiday's I've been browsing the internet to find some pieces perfect for the changing season.

After years of not loving coats or jackets at all, I now love them. This lilac rain mac is perfect not only in colour but in style with the spring time showers it will look cute with any outfit. This jacket from Vans it a stunner too and reminds me a little of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's so jazzy and it would be a stand out piece for the laid back skater vibe I love so much.
Another favourite of mine is a band t-shirt, they are my go to and I want this one to add to my growing collection.

Along with band t-shirts I love underwear and I can't get enough of it. When I go shopping for underwear it puts a smile on my face I love pretty, sexy and girly underwear it makes me feel amazing.  This set ticks all the boxes and it's definitely something I've got my eye on.
I love pastel colours and when I saw this top I was in love. I feel like I'm starting to embrace my curves and after wanting to hind my boobs I finally feel more comfortable getting them out a little more. I mean why not, you should flaunt what you got.

With summer just round the corner I have fallen for Quay Australia a fab sunglasses company. After getting my first pair I now want to get my hands on these ones. Along with these I found these New Balance Trainers and they'd be great for this season.

Ian says I am getting a bit of a cup and glass addiction and I think I'd have to agree this one is next on my list with it's fun mermaid sparkles it's a must have. Lastly after getting an art stick last year for my wedding make up I've been looking for my next colour and it's this shade 'Harrow Red' it's classic and vibrant which is what I love about the art sticks.

I really can't wait for the warmer weather and getting to wear all summery clothes.

The Grange Hotel Tower Bridge London

Back in January Ian and I decided to go away to London for a couple of days. After looking at hotels online we decided to go with one of the secret hotels on and yes it's a gamble but we thought why not. The gamble paid off as we stayed in this incredible hotel which is a part of The Grange Hotels. We were in the Tower Bridge one and it was so luxurious. We got it for a great deal cheaper than it should have been which we wouldn't have if we hadn't gone with the secret option.

The room was amazing it was spacious and modern. The bed was super comfy and the neutral tones of the room made it really lovely. Our view wasn't great as it was right opposite an office but then again it is London and we were in the middle of the town. You could also see the Shard which was nice especially at night.

Part of what we liked is the mix of old and new buildings you could see outside. London really has a mix of the two which is really nice it shows the history. 

Although we didn't eat in the hotel the restaurant looked beautiful and was very busy both at dinner and breakfast. 

The whole hotel was spacious, modern and luxurious.  The bar was hive activity and provided a lot of seating.

We didn't deal with the staff much but when we did they were polite and helpful and they were a great team.

I'd definitely recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to stay in London as we had a really fabulous time. 

What is Happiness?

Happiness comes in many forms and is different for everyone. I bet if you asked 10 people what makes them happy they'd all say something different. That's the beauty of life, everyone is unique and their own individual person. 

For me happiness comes from being my true self. It's about having the confidence to say what makes me happy and what doesn't. For me its about the small things in life. 

This year so far has marked a bit of a change for me as it's the first year I feel like I can truly be me. I have this new found confidence and belief in myself and I know what I am worth and deserve. It is the first time I am thinking of myself and trying to put myself first for once. Part of this comes from the support of Ian and the courage he gives me. We have both realised what life means to us and what makes our lives what we want it to be.

I have never wanted to be famous, rich or have an extravagant high end life that's not to say that is wrong but it doesn't make me happy. Of course you need money to live and survive in this world but it doesn't mean you need to be rich in terms of money. I feel rich is other ways, be it the love and support Ian and I give and get from one another or the love and support of our families. Like I said everyone is different.

I have always struggled to think about what I want and what makes me happy as I like to please people in particular my family. I would do anything for them which I wouldn't change but sometimes it means I have chosen to do something because I thought they'd be unhappy if I didn't. It is as I've gotten older that I realise everyone should be happy and that you'd shouldn't stop your happiness for the sake of someone else's. That and you can't please everyone.

I want a life that is balanced and that I get great joy from. I have done jobs in the past that I know I not right for me but I have done them anyway. This has made me incredibly unhappy and in turn affected other parts of my life. It partly what has spurred me onto to create the life I love and that Ian and I want too. 

For me happiness comes in a variety of ways. I want a simple life that is filled with adventure, be it going on a day trip, traveling or trying new things and I want to do this all with Ian. Life is one big adventure filled with lots of little ones and it's up to us to see the moments and make of them what we will. I have always been sentimental and sensitive which some may see as a weakness but for me it's not it is who I am. It makes me caring, compassionate and empathetic which at times can be hard but I wouldn't change it. After all like the quote happiness really is homemade. It's what you make of like and what you choose to do that makes you happy.

After slowly learning this over the years I am on my way to creating a life I love and I hope you all are too.

London - St Paul's

A while ago Ian and I went to London for two days and a night. It's not something we often do and we'd realised that had been about a year and half since we last went to London. So we thought we treat ourselves to a night away. 

When we got to London we decided to go to St Paul's. Neither of us have ever been before and after seeing the National Rail 2 for 1 we thought we'd use it to finally go. It's a shame you can't take photo's inside as it's so beautiful but it made you appreciate it more. 

St Paul's is a strong and iconic building and it's one of the first things I think of when I go to London, so it's nice that I've finally been inside. 

We climbed all the way to the top and as we had't checked into our hotel (as it was too early) we still had our suitcase with us. It was small but when going up so many stairs with it in hand it does get a bit much. I have to say I wasn't the one carrying the suitcase, it was Ian. He is such as good egg and I'm very lucky. 

Climbing up the stairs was definitely worth while as you got a stunning view at the top. Although it wasn't a gloriously sunny day it was still great to look. 

One thing I loved about the view is all the different shape's and sizes of the building it really does make for a pretty skyline.

Looking at the Tate building was interesting as I'd never noticed the strong line from the tate across the bridge along to St Paul's is. It's was great seeing the amount of people and I felt it really summed up London.

We took lots of photo's but sadly as it is England, it started to rain and we went back down the stairs.
So off we went from their to find our hotel, which I'll be posting soon. 

Seaside Strolls

A while ago Ian and I decided to go to Broadstairs for the day. It's one of our favourite places to go and I mean who doesn't love the seaside. There is something so relaxing and calming about the seaside and it always make me feel so calm and at peace.

It was a beautiful day and even though it was cold we got to see the sun. It's out of season at Broadstairs so people had brought their dogs out to enjoy the beach. It made me wish I'd brought my mum's dog Rufus. I think he would have loved it, well minus the water. He's not to fond of that.

There really is something so picturesque about Broadstairs and the vibrancy of the beach huts. It makes me wish it were summer and that I had a summer dress on and an ice-cream in hand. Although I do  love visiting the seaside in the wintery months as it's so still and peaceful. It gives you the chance to wrap up and take a quiet walk with fish and chips in hand to warm you up.

It had been a while since we'd been able to escape to Broadstairs which made us truly appreciate it this time round. After our walk along the beach we went to the retail park for a spot of shopping. I couldn't resist going to the Primark there, as it is bigger than my local one. 

So until next time Broadstairs, hopefully it'll be sooner than last time.

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