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Wish List Wednesday

I am loving this dress it's an easy piece but looks so pretty would be great dressed down for a casual look or dressed up with heels for the evening.
With my birthday around the corner you may have seen in my last 'Wish List' post I put a bike in it. Well I have gone a used a bit of birthday money that I got early to put towards it to buy myself a super cute bike. I now need an equally stylish helmet and I love this bronze one. My bike will look perfect with a basket like this one and will be great when popping to the shops.
This joggers are really cool and would be great for those lazy days. 
Sticking with one of my favourite colours of the season, I fell in love with this bomber. I currently have one but it's showing it's age now so i think it's time to get a new one. With the shiny material I think this would look more luxe then my current one. 
Next up more for replacing. I am nearly out of my body cream and need to get some more. These products smell heavenly they are my favourite along with Lush.
What girls doesn't want an excuse to buy new shoes and with the warmer weather upon us it's definitely time to get sandal shopping.
Lastly I am a fan of a print and I love this spot top it would be a great piece which would stand out for a day or night look. There are so many fab pieces this summer and it's got me very inspired. 

Wish List Wednesday

ASOS Cold Shoulder Embroidered Bralet

I've been thinking about bit's I might need for my holiday which was spurred on by the ASOS sale.
Theses shoes are so cute I just love the tassels. These earrings and necklaces from Regal Rose are super cool and would add a little edge and style to my looks. I wasn't really into the whole choker thing but I've been won round and now I want some.
I always want new book for a holiday and this book would be perfect. I prefer books like this as I seem to get captivated by them. I've been on the look out for a stunning dress and this one is beautiful blue and would great on a holiday. I am smitten with the off the shoulder look and I can't help but gravitate towards pieces like this. Another off the shoulder number with this top that I found in the ASOS sale. I love the romantic vibe to it and I know it would work well with pieces I already have.
This playsuit is gorgeous and reminds me of Morocco with it's pattern. I think it would be perfect for a day at the beach followed by a chilled evening out.
Now what girl doesn't find an excuse to get a new bikini. Now this one may seem a little boring, but I have lots of brightly coloured ones and I wanted one that was a little more simple. This one ticks all the boxes and it's gets an extra one for being high waisted.
Lastly I love taking photo's on holiday and whilst looking on ASOS I came across this underwater one which would be really cool for taking some snaps in the water.
I feel really inspired this season and ASOS has become my go to when looking at clothes. I think what they're doing over there is great. I do still love looking at other shops too, hence the other editions  on this wish list. 

Wish List Wednesday

From Emma Forever Ago Vinyl
Pretty Pineapple Dress
New Look Denim Dungaree Playsuit
Striped Tie-Up Cami
Kate Hewko Janis Soladite Ring
ASOS Straw Cat Clutch Bag
Town Bike

I have been dreaming of sunny days and with it I have been looking at lots of different pieces online. I love vinyl and I'd love to add Bon Iver to my collection with it's mellow sound. This dress from Free People is gorgeous and would be a stand out piece for summer and holidays.
I have a pair of dungarees which I have worn through the winter, but I'm now looking for a pair for summer and these are super cool. They'd be great teamed with this vest and some cute pattern vans.
As for these accessories I love a quirky bag and this one is perfect for summer. This ring is beautiful and blue and would be perfect teamed with any outfit.
Lastly this bike is something I have been dreaming about for ages and I have decided to start looking at them as I'm in need of a new bike and this is a style of bike I wanted for a long time. So it's about time I got one.

London Portobello Road

We got up feeling fresh faced and ready for a full day in London. Part of our visit included exploring the streets and the mix of old and new buildings. Along with going to portobello and then we went to The Science Museum. 

I like how there is a mix of the old the and new in London it's part of the history and the appeal I think. 

It was strange the tube being so empty, as I am so used to the trains being packed like sardines. It made me very grateful that I got to experience the quiet part.

One thing I love about Portobello Road is the pastel coloured houses. They're like something from a dream. I guess it's also part of the charm to everyone else too, as people pose near the houses and have their photo's taken. I not really into that part but I do love their pretty colours.

It creates a vibrancy amongst the grey buildings. 

As always Portobello was busy and was mixed with locals and tourists. 

I love the mix of stalls and shops and had we not been staying in London till late I would have bought some of these fabulous flowers home with me. As for vinyl I purchased a Nirvana best of which I'd been looking to add to my collection.

Ian and I had a good look through, but other than Nirvana we did't really find what we were looking for. 

The Science Museum is one of our favourite places to go when visiting London, so we always try to fit it in. It has some great bits for young and old people and we always feel like big kids when we go. 

I particularly liked the part on space and we love the transport section. 

I kept my outfit simple with a green smock, black leggings, vans and this stunner of a coat.  I'd love to know what some of your favourite parts of London are.

First Tattoo

I have thought about getting a tattoo for many years and I've always kind of known what I wanted to get. My family had always said not to get one and that if I did I should be sure that it is something I really wanted. I guess that is why I have waited so long, well that and being really scared of needles I didn't know what to expect.

Ian had his done first and I watched and when his was finished Ian said "so you going to get yours done?" You see I hadn't actually booked mine and I thought I'd see what it was like and then decide. I decided there and then that I would get my first tattoo and you know what I am so happy I did.

I felt really proud of myself for facing the fear and it gave me the feeling that if I can do this I can do anything. It didn't hurt at all which surprised me. It's hard to explain what it's like as it felt a bit like vibration and a bit of a scratch at one point. Ian said I freaked him out a little as I was so relaxed and calm. He thought after everything I might not be ok with it.

I had my tattoo done at Studio Twenty Six in Maidstone by Jess. She was really great and made me feel really relaxed. I only had a small tattoo so it didn't take long either. 

After the tattoo is down they wrap it up and tell you to take it off in a couple of hours.

As it has to have time to heal their is aftercare that you have to do and now that it's healed it's really looking great and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I choose to get this symbol tattooed on me as it'll always remind me to keep a balance and an inner peace.
They say some people either don't get another after their first or it makes them want more and I have to say I'm already thinking of my next one. Think I treat myself later in the year.

I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams?

Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins/ Snoop Dogg - Topshop/ Jeans - Primark/ Trainers - Vans/ Fitbit 

It's been a while since my last outfit post but I loved the outfit I wore yesterday. It's one of my easy go to outfits. By that I mean jeans,  trainers and a band t-shirt. I got this cardigan in the sale at Christmas and I love it. It's perfect in the spring weather when a jacket isn't needed. These jeans are another great buy too. I've rolled them up here but they've got a frayed edge so they're very on trend. I love vans and when I saw these I just had to have them and I know they're going to look great with dresses in the summer. 

Drop it like its hot -  Snoop Dogg

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