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Wish List Wednesday

Staring at Stars Boho Embroidered Tie-Sleever Blouse
Emma Floral Off the Shoulder Drawstring Dress
Pink Converse All Star Hi
ASOS Denim Off Shoulder Tie Front Playsuit
Maryam Floral Cape Detail Maxi Dress 
ASOS Sensor Pointed Heels
ASOS Hamsa Chain Choker
Free People Hendrix Floral Red Blouse

I'm currently loving boho pieces and these two tops are gorgeous. I recently realised I don't own much of the way of dressy tops and these are both perfect to add to my wardrobe. The maxi too, appeals to the bohemian in me.
With my love of off the shoulder and bardot style necklines both this dress and Playsuit would be perfect summer additions.
I can't help but covet a pair of vans or converse and these are the next ones I want to add to my collection. These vibrant red shoes are the opposite but would be perfect for adding some vibrancy to an outfit.
Lastly I'm also living the choker trend and when I found this hamsa hand one I knew this would have to be my next one.
Here's to dreaming of these cute pieces and hoping some will be added to my wardrobe. 

Letter to my younger self....

Life isn't easy, that's just a given. Stop chasing after being an adult, it'll come and when it does there's kind of no going back. Enjoy you young and carefree days because that won't last forever. 
I know at times growing up seems like the answer to everything, but it's not. Yes, you're going to have people disappoint you and let you down but that won't change when you're older. 

It's going to seem harder because when you're younger you haven't learnt how to deal with it. You haven't haven't worked out who to trust. You will suffer heartbreak, but those are boys and they don't matter. You will meet a man that will stop you in your tracks and that will change everything. You know what he is awesome and worth the wait. So let yourself be heartbroken with those boys, cry then get on with everything else. Let's face it they lost out and weren't worthy of you. You were too good for them.
Just be you, not everyone is going to like you but you need to be happy. Those people you call friends sadly you know they're not true friends and there will come a time when you realise this. It's alright. It may seem like the end of the world because your back to square one. Well in terms of friends, but you know what it makes you realise your own worth and what your deserve. It's not about expectations, but it is about knowing what a good friend is. People are going to come and go in life and that's okay people do that. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. The ones that stick and stay they are the good ones. 

Now I know you're going to laugh and not want to hear this, but it's very important. You know you have a bond with your family that makes you very close. You will hate this and think they are the worst especially your parents and grandparents, but they're looking out for you and ultimately they love you. They are your guardians, warriors if you will. They don't want to see you get hurt, they want the best for you and sadly they will be right about a lot of things. Prepare to be wrong, don't hate them for it. They are older and have had the experience you have yet to come. 
Yes, they need to let you live your life and make your own mistakes but they are just trying to help. They fear things from their youth and they don't want it for you. They will at times make you feel like rubbish, but you have to know they really do mean well. At the end of the day, they are your biggest supporters. They don't always show it but they want you to succeed. Even when they don't understand what you're doing. That being said they aren't going to agree with everything you do and you can't let that worry you. You have a habit of trying to make them happy but think. Does that make you happy? It is okay to put yourself first. If you don't then, well, things will be difficult. 

Education is important and although you love learning, tests won't be easy. You don't really work that way. You're going to drift off the path here. You are emotional and sensitive and sometimes this affects you and it will here. You will let things bother you and distract you. This, in turn, makes you think more about partying and having fun and yes, drinking is included. However, I urge you to find a balance. You're going to feel defeated when you realise your grades aren't what you wanted, but pick yourself up. We are not a quitter. 
Your grades aren't going to be top, unfortunately, but your determination and drive will win through in the end and you'll reach a better place. Going back to finding balance, that's going to be important in every aspect of life so work on it.

Lastly, the dreams and ambitions you have they will happen, but maybe not on the timescale you had hoped for. Yes, New York will come and we're planning it but sadly you won't have gone by 18. 
Don't give up on your dreams, remember that good things always take time. Not everyone has dreams so even more reason to keep them safe. 

Your going to make mistakes and there will be things that you never thought would happen to you in every sense. Just know they don't define you, it's how you choose to react and your actions that will. There will be something things that you never thought you'd want to, but you are going to want them.  It's not going to be easy, but hopefully, it will happen. Remember though never say never, because you never know.
Oh and we so get a tattoo that was a long time coming. Just be brave, be fearless and know you can do anything. The rest is up to you.

Wish List Wednesday

ASOS Opal Flatform Shoes
Out From Under Vixen Black Bodysuit
Kimchi Blue Picnic Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress
Quay Australia Smoke and Mirror Round Sunglasses
ASOS Obi Band Wrap Blouse
Horrockses Gingham Floral Midi Dress with Off Shoulder Neckline
Becoming: Sex, Second Chances, and Figuring Out Who the Hell I am
BDG Harper Tie-Side White Striped Tank Top

I love seeing all the summer pieces in the shops. I currently feel the most confident in my own body and feel I've finally found my look and style. These are just some of the things I've had my eye on recently.
These shoes are simple yet cute and to me they are the perfect summer shoe. This bodysuit is a simple piece but could be worn in a variety of ways. be it teamed with a skirt, shorts or trousers or many even under a shirt to add some intrigue.
I am loving the off the shoulder trend and although I don't tend to follow trends this is one I can't resist. This first dress is gorgeous, there's a ease about it which I am a huge fan of. Secondly this more formal number is stunning and would be perfect for a wedding or any event. I actually have a few parties I am going to and this would be the perfect.
Kimono's are super easy and great teamed with any look, when I saw this blouse I couldn't resist adding it to my wishlist. Not only for is style and shape, but for that oh so dreamy lilac colour.
When summer comes begin to get a little addicted to sunglasses and I am loving Quay Australia and these would be a great addition to my ever growing collection.
This top might seem super basic, but with the stripes and this cute side detail it's a winner for me.
Lastly a book that's being doing the rounds on social media, but a book I've been dying to read. I am definitely going to have to go get this. 

Is the 'Dream' job possible?

Is it really that easy to get a dream job straight out of uni? I say although it's not impossible, it's fairly unlikely you will. If it isn't hard enough, the judgement from others (parents included) makes you feel somewhat of a failure. It's not as easy as some might think. Talking from my own experiences I left uni with a sour taste in my mouth and wasn't sure on which direction I'd take. 

You see my time at uni made me fall out of love with photography. Although I still took photo's day to day, I didn't have that spark or enjoyment for it. That's when I knew that it wasn't the career for me and that I needed a time out. 
A time out you ask? Well for me I felt disillusioned and like I'd wasted three years of my life. I soon came to realise I hadn't wasted those three years, it helped me grow as an individual and learn some valuable lessons, but still at the time it's how I felt.

I just wanted a job, but it seemed impossible. I wanted to give back and ended up working in schools, which at the start made me feel so good, but again I knew it wasn't right for me.
I'd been working on my blog and thought there were elements of what I did that I'd love to do in my future job. I had also been helping out with a family members company website and social media. It was there that I realised what I wanted to be doing. 

Since then I have worked for agencies doing temp roles in marketing, communications, social media and anything to do with those types of career. It has been frustrating at times. Going from job to job and knowing you're only there for a short amount of time isn't exactly fun. 
For someone who likes a bit of stability it made for a very interesting time. It showed me, that you know what I can do it, and if I can do that then I can do anything. It gave me the confidence that I was serverly lacking in myself professionally. It wasn't easy and did reduce me to tears a few times as I wanted to know I had a permanent role. 

I had a range of interviews and got a few jobs, but they either didn't work out or were environments that weren't for me. At times it seemed like I'd never settle with one. It looked bad to some of my close family, but I didn't want to settle. That right there is what I have always promised myself I'd never do in life. SETTLE.

I knew the right job was out there and I didn't want to give up on it. Another thing I've learnt is I am not a quitter. The range of the jobs I've been offered mostly look good on paper, but when it comes to it, it's not what they said on the tin. Sometimes the money has been there and I'm sure to some it's crazy that I've gone and turned it down, but to me it's not about that. Yes, money plays a factor but what about my happiness. That's what I've been looking for a job that encompasses all the elements of a dream job and that ultimately makes me happy. 

Although it's been a tough and frustrating time I have found a job that I love. One that makes me smile and I look forward to doing. It is a mix of everything. I'd go as far to say it's possibly the dream. 

So it is possible to get your dream job, but don't expect to get it straight out of uni. It takes hard work and determination but you'll get there in the end.
 Unless of course you're one of the lucky ones that not only knows what you want, but that has done the work to prove it. I think it makes it so much more worthwhile too, knowing that you've worked so hard to get there. 

As for those lucky ones that get everything so easily, try to remember it's not like it for everyone.  

Wish List Wednesday

With the warmer months coming closer it's got be thinking about BBQ's and warm summer evenings. Having gone on holiday last month I already have some great staples for summer, but what girl could resist looking at other summer pieces.
This off the shoulder dress is super cute and could be dressed up or down. It would be a great day to night piece. After getting black dungarees last year I feel these dungarees are super cute and would be perfect to add to my wardrobe. I love shopping for lingerie and Rosie for Autograph collection always have a luxurious and sexy feel to them. This print is gorgeous.
I am always looking for a new book and this book is definitely one of the next ones I'm getting.
I keep seeing these light signs and I love them. I got to get my hands on one. Ian got me a Pa Dora bracelet last year and I'd love a new charm to add. This one is really pretty with the butterflies and mix of colours.
I'm an fan on band t-shirts and this crop one would be perfect for my Highwaisted pieces.
Lastly this dress is stunning and would be a stand out day to Night piece. The blue is just gorgeous and with my now blonde hair it'll look great. 


At Christmas Ian and I got a National Trust membership. We love visiting new places and learning new things, so the National Trust membership was a perfect gift. As a way to document our visits I've decided to start a small section based on these trips. 

I've been to Knole many times before, but only to walk round the grounds. It was nice to come and have a walk and get to see the amazing building. The family that owns it still lives there now, but you don't have access to that part. It is great to know that it is still in use today and that you still get to visit.

There really is something so lovely about building that have this stone look. It almost makes them feel more homely. It gives the building more character and interest. I love an old building and the history it has, like it tells it's own story. We joined the tour which was interesting as we got to learn some bits about Knole.

I think the orangery had to be my favourite part. These windows and the amount of light they let in is stunning, along with this faded blue look to the walls. It has great views of the grounds and had a peaceful feel to it.

In the grounds of the building there are deer everywhere. I can't quite believe how peaceful they are and that they don't even seem to be bothered by the visitors, however I guess they are used to it. 

It was a really great day and somewhere I'll definitely be going back to.

The Big Easy Covent Garden

The Big Easy is a great place to, whether it's on a date or meeting up with friends. It has a great laid back vibe and the atmosphere was electric. There was long waiting list so I'd recommend booking ahead.

Ian and I had a bit of a wait as we hadn't booked ahead. We were just in time for  happy hour which lasts a couple of hours. Whilst waiting I knocked back a few of their frozen cocktails. The perfect combination of a childlike slushi with but with the addition of alcohol, which us adults can only have. 

Due to the nature of some of the meals you get these super cool bibs.

Ian had steak which he said was the best he had ever had.

I went for this meal deal where you got a cocktail with lobster Mac and cheese which can with a side salad and chips. It was amazing it was a mix of home comfort and luxurious indulgence.

Ian and I loved it and although it's not the cheapest of meals it was worth every penny. We'll definitely be going back .

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