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Hotter Shoes - Blogger Event

Last month I was invited to a blogger event at Hotter Shoes in Maidstone. Being my first blogger event I was both super excited and nervous. It was a really great evening learning about the shoes, having nibbles, chatting with bloggers and of course trying on shoes. 

The shoes are designed for maximum comfort and style. Some people associate them as being for an older customer but I can assure you they are not. There is a great mix of shoes of different styles and looks and who doesn't want to make sure they have shoes with maximum comfort. They pride themselves on giving each customer a "Hotter Moment" a moment where you find the perfect shoes for you that have that great mix of comfort and style. 

The shop had this great homely feel to it with the choose of decor and seating. It really is designed for maximum comfort to replicate the philosophy behind the shoes. To find out more about them you can take a look here.

This bus was super cute and there were three different versions. If you like and know how to knit you can even create your own.

This particular store had pictures from around the local area and the starting of the company. This was a great touch and made it feel more personal. 

As part of the blogger event, we got to pick a pair of shoes or accessory to take home. I scoured the shoes which took me a while. I eventually decided on these suede brogues. What I love about them is that unlike other brogues they have a delicate and feminine feel to them. When I wear them they don't look all bulky like other brogues, I've tried and I love that they also have a vintage feel to them. When I put them on I definitely had that hotter moment.

I have worn these brogues a lot teamed with jeans and a band tee or wearing them to work. My feet don't get sore and no blisters either. I couldn't ask for more from a pair of shoes they really are perfect.

If you haven't already go take a look at their website or even better visit them in store. The staff are super lovely and helpful. Remember it's not just shoes but accessories too.

See my Vlog from the event. 

Wish List Wednesday

Stripe Shirt
Reclaimed Vintage Pyjama Shirt in Floral Print
Ava Woven Bright Print Blouse
ASOS Open Back Shirt in Pink Stripe
Rosie Collarless Checked Roll Back Sleeve Shirt

Shirts are a great way to dress up jeans and make them look dressy. In my job the dress code is smart casual. I've have jeans so I've been looking for a couple of shirts to add to my work wardrobe.  That's when I found these.
The pink stripe Shirt has a really nice relaxed feel and is perfect for adding some colour as I'm fond of colour. Next is this pajama style Shirt I love pajamas and I love this trend it adds a chic feel to an outfit. This brightly coloured shirt is a bit crazy and would add some interest. Another colour shirt is this cute candy stripe shirt which has a open back which is a detail I love obviously for work I'd wear it with a vest underneath.
Lastly it's this dark green check shirt which has a nice relaxed feel.  They are all perfect and I'm definitely going to add one or two to my work wardrobe. 

Wish List Wednesday - ASOS Sale

ASOS Ditsy Off Shoulder Swing Dress
ASOS Swing Vest In Stripe
ASOS Tight Rope Chunky Sandals
Truffle Collection Lenka Espadrille Platform Mules
ASOS Denim Plait Waist Playsuit
ASOS Denim Paper Bag Waist Midi Skirt

I love looking at the sales and when I saw that ASOS had a sale I couldn't resist taking a look. These are my favourite pieces that I want to get my hands on. I am a sucker for the off the shoulder look and teamed with this ditsy floral print. This is a great piece of festival season and the summer. Another thing I adore is stripes and this swing vest is perfect. I am looking for a nice pair of versatile heels for summer and these two are both summer cute. I love the lilac ones and the mules would a new style and look to my wardrobe and the colour would go with so much. I've seen this playsuit before the sale and the mix of denim and this pink has a cool vibe and it's something I'd love to try. Lastly this paperbag waist denim skirt is lovely it could be worn from day to night and would be fab for a on the go look. 

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