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Wish List Wednesday

With the last of the summer days approaching I am dreaming of the summer dresses and layers that will soon be worn.  This floaty red floral tea dress is gorgeous and perfect for taking from the summer to the autumn. Both the striped top and the AC/DC band tee are perfect pieces to take from summer to autumn. I can't resist a stripe or a band tee they're kind of my weakness.
I love the pins trend but have yet to buy any and this space themed ones are right up my street. Another trend I am loving is the choker trend and I have been looking for a sparkly one to add to my collection. This one is a contender and would look fab layered with other necklaces.
Lastly who doesn't love stationary or a journal. The print is cute and i love how the inside is laid out. Definitely going to be adding it to my shopping basket.

Adult Defining

At what moment did you feel like you'd truly become a grown up?

I want to say that for me it's the moment I moved out and started making a life of my own, but it wasn't. I think the moment I finally felt like an adult was when I stood up for myself and stopped trying to live my life for others. It was when I decided that enough was enough. It's my life and I have to put me first.

All this got me thinking that even though at 18 we are classed as adults, we don't necessarily become them. When we're young we chase after the age when we'll finally be an adult. 
Why? All so we can turn around to our parents and say, "well I'm an adult now so I'll do what I like" It doesn't work like that and although some parents lead us to believe this, when you're young as long as you live in their house, you never truly get to be an adult. 

I think the hardest part is when you're a teenager your not quite a child but you're not an adult either. The dream of being an adult is what you hold on to. It's like your wearing rose tinted glasses because in your teenage mind everything will not only make sense but will be ten times better when you're an adult. It's safe to say that's not true.

Being an adult comes with responsibilities, bills, decisions and all those boring things. Whilst those are things that being a true adult comes with. It doesn't necessarily define being an adult. Being an adult means making your own decisions and life choices and not blaming others for them.

That moment when you know you've become an adult is special. It's like something changes and defines you as a person. It's different for everyone and it will hold different meaning to each individual. 

It makes you who are and it's what set's you up. There are many things that you'll learn in life and experience you have which shape you. I think how you're brought up and the choices you choose are what creates you a person. It's how you gain strength in yourself as an independent person. It gives you the strength to make choices with conviction . To know at the end of the day you're proud of the decisions you make and no one can take that away from you. It's about feeling a sense of peace about who you are and what you've become.

I'd love to know what your defining moment was and when you knew you were an adult.

Wish List Wednesday

It's felt really summery and hot this week which has been great. However, I do love autumn and it's got me thinking of dresses and jackets. This camo shacket is very on trend and it would be a great autumnal layer. A fan of all things shiny this choker with a stone on is gorgeous in the luxe velvet material. Also very much in love with these earrings.

It's been to hot for a bath but I'm eagerly awaiting for the weather to cool down so I can have one. This lava lamp bathbomb is top of my list next time I pop to Lush.  Another item I want from Lush is this Happy Hippy shower gel is smells sensational.

Something for warm and autumnal days is this tie back tee. I love the detail it's easy and can be dressed up and down. Lastly this gorgeous dress which I'm picturing with some Ankle boots perfect for autumn.

Honestly love summer but I think autumn is my favourite season for so many reasons. Can't wait to get my hands on some key autumn pieces. 

Job Interviews

Job interviews are a topic I've always wanted to cover, but for one reason or another i've stopped myself. I guess part of it is fear that a future employer might not like it. You know what though its my space to write about what I want.

Since I was 18 I have had a range of jobs. Come on, that was 8 years ago and in that time I have been at college and uni too. Since graduating I have done a fair few temporary jobs so that's made my interview rate a bit higher.

Now interviews are obviously for the company to get to know the individual, to see if they're the right person. For me though it's just as important for the individual to ask questions and find out more. 
Yes you should know some information anyway but I mean really ask. I mean is this really where you want to work?

With the range of interviews I have had, comes lot's of questions. I'd love to say all companies are different and that they all ask different things, but they don't. There are generic questions that all companies want to know. It's very rare that I get asked something I've not been asked before. 

As I have gotten older the way in which I am asked questions has changed and so too has one or two of the questions. By that I mean more of the "Do you live at home with your parent's?" or the "Are you married?" which is then followed by "really you're married? you seem a little young"
I get it your trying to get to know me and well flattery gets you everywhere. 

It's the question that comes after this, that gets me. The question that is not allowed to be asked but still does. I have to state not all interviews I have been to have asked, but it is becoming more frequent. 

That question is, "Do you want children?"
To me this question is really unnecessary and insulting. 

It shouldn't matter if I do or if I don't. I would work hard regardless. It doesn't reflect me as a person or my ability to do the work. Also if I had a child I would still want to continue working.

Yes, at some point Ian and I do want a child however, that being said I don't know when. It's something that is personal and private and I shouldn't have to share that.  

Asking this question is wrong on so many levels. It's like a loaded gun. You could ask something not knowing that maybe they can't have children. Would you expect them to tell you that?
It's so personal and on meeting someone probably for the first time you are expecting them to share all this information with you. 

To me there are far more important questions to ask that show a persons passion, interest and experience suited for a role. Get to know a person but don't ask questions like that. It doesn't look or sound good. In some ways it can be a turnoff for a job. 

Remember interviews are as much for the company as they are for you. It's the way for you to finally decide if they're really the company for you. They should be showing you why you'd want to work there. 

I am going to do a few more posts which will feature questions I've been asked and that I've asked and little tips and advice from my experiences. 

Bella Italia

I've eaten Italian before and visited some of the other Italian chains, but never Bella Italia.
I love the decor. It has a retro and fun feel to it and it's one of the best in terms of decor. 
I love the gelato counter it stood out for me. 

Desserts always seem to be the first thing on my mind at restaurants. I rarely ever have one though, as I fill up on the starter and main. 

Italian food for me brings a sense of family and home. My Nonna was born and lived in Italy for most of her life. She decided to come to the UK to raise her family with her Irish husband. 
It was great getting to know my Nonna, but sadly I never got to enjoy the food. 

She did pass her love of pasta, cheese, coffee and her sweet tooth to me. I hope to eventually get to Italy and experience the culinary wonder. Until then I settle for Italian restaurants of any kind. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Ian and I decided to have mini ciabattas with garlic butter.

For the main, I choose Beef and Red Wine Ravioli and Ian had Spaghetti Bolognese. 
At first, I thought it was a quite a small portion but I was pleasantly surprised as it was very filling. It was filled with flavour and wasn't oily or wet as I've experienced in other places. It was yummy and I'll be going back especially as I have a local one now.

Overall it was a really lovely laid back date night which is what Ian and I always want.

I live my day as if it was the last Live my day as if there was no past

Dress - Primark Sunglasses - Quay Australia Choker - New Look Shoes - Converse

I went to Primark and found some stunning dresses. This dress is one of them and is a staple for my summer wardrobe. It takes a proper look and rummage to get something in Primark. I'm glad I kept looking otherwise I wouldn't own this dress.
Another summer staple for me has been Quay Australia sunglasses and a choker. They are my go to items at the moment.

Lush Life - Zara Larsson 

Bateman's House

One lazy Sunday, Ian and I took our National Trust Membership cards and set out to explore. 
We found ourselves on the way to Bateman's House.

The home of Rudyard Kipling the writer of The Jungle Book. I heard a lot of funny comments on the way round from people saying isn't this the home of the cake person. 
I hope they were joking as I think they might be very disappointed. I wasn't though.

On stepping into the garden's you can see exactly why Rudyard Kipling created this place for himself. 

The gardens are filled with colourful flowers. Butterflies danced around and there was a feeling of peace. The garden really is a tranquil retreat. I could have stayed sitting there all day.

The house was beautiful and you get the feeling of his travels as you go around the rooms. With hints of the East everywhere. Pretty oriental rugs, a globe artefacts. It still has that homely feel like they might come back at any moment.

I loved the drawings for The Jungle Book that were on display. It put a smile of my face thinking about reading it as a child. The part I found most interesting is that Rudyard Kipling used to get everyone to come to him. For dinner parties or to stay.

Some people said he was a bit of a recluse but to me if you live somewhere like this, why would you want to leave. I'd want to make the most of it. I don't think I'd ever leave.

Going on the walk the landscape jumped out at me and made me feel like I was in book. Maybe that's what he set out to do. To create a place that would give him and his family all they wanted and needed. 

Like many National Trust places there's a vast amount of land. Whether you want to go on a long walk or perhaps, a picnic is more your thing.  It's all here. It doesn't matter whether you're young, old, a couple or a family. There really is something for everyone.

I couldn't go to a National Trust without visiting their coffee shop.  It was a hot day so to cool off I had some Rose Lemonade.

It was a really great day and it was lovely to get to know more about Rudyard Kipling and to see where he lived. There was so much to learn and i'll be going back. I didn't want to spoil it but telling you everything so go take a look for yourself.

Watch my vlog to see more. 

Cuffleberry & Co

Earlier in the year I was contacted about Cuffleberry & Co Gourmet Dog Food and asked when Rufus's birthday is. Whilst Rufus isn't my dog he is my family dog and I see him lots. Last month was Rufus's birthday and they kindly sent me a birthday hamper for him.

The hamper was super cute and just the right size.  Inside was two tins and two foil trays. The packaging is a luxurious design delight and unlike anything I have seen.  

Rufus really enjoyed them and even shared them with his little sis Lola. Rufus's favourite was the Beef, Venison, Tomatoes & Parsnips, whilst Lola like the Pork, Ham, Apple & Celery
What was fabulous about the food was that it didn't have that awful smell that most dog foods have and it looked like top quality too. After all, Rufus can only have the best. 

So Rufus and I (oh and Lola) would like to "Thank You" for the birthday hamper. It really went down a treat.

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