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Evolution of McDonald's *Sponsored Post*

McDonald's is a brand we all know and love. If you don't love it I recommend you retry it, as they've made a few changes. Their logo is not something you can miss. There's a familiarity to it that brings a smile to your face.  I remember going when I was younger and getting a happy meal. How times have changed. Through the years McDonald's has evolved to become so much more. On Tuesday I was invited to McDonald's in Aylesford. It is one of the stores of the future. 

For them, it's all about quality food and customer experience. They're always keen to get feedback and  they've really taken it on board.

Part of McDonald's evolution is their use of technology. With Tablets for you or your kids to enjoy. Have something to eat whilst browsing the net or playing a game. They've also introduced self-service kiosks. I love these kiosks. In a rush then order and wait for your number. If not order it to your zone and get it brought to your table. No need to wait in a queue when sitting in. Perfect if you've got kids. 

Another great part about the Kiosk is it allows you to customise your order. You can see all the elements of your meal, and take out what you don't like. Along with this, you can select your side. I didn't know this, but if you don't want chips you have other options.

The look and design of McDonald's feel so fresh and modern. They've incorporated bits of the outdoors bringing them in. It feels so open and spacious with a friendly atmosphere. They've got a range of zones for you to sit in. They've got a kids and family area so you can feel at home with an outdoor play area.

The second part of McDonald's evolution is their revolutionised kitchen. They've invested in specially designed equipment to get the best out of their product. They've changed the layout so that food isn't just waiting at the front.
Food is freshly made and assembled by working from the front to the back of the kitchen. It is then put on a conveyor that takes it all the way to the front. It is all very efficient. 

The food that UK stores use is sourced in the UK. It is part of what makes them such good quality. They are also started to add a new signature range which offers thicker burgers. To find out more and see where you can get yours visit their website.

Whilst at the event I got my own honorary McDonald's uniform. Complete with a name badge that even had my blog name on it which I got to take home.

Whilst at the event we got to make our own Big Mac's. Watch my vlog to see me make mine.

Blog Ashford

Blog Ashford was a great all day event. It was to celebrate the fabulous  independent shops in Ashford. It was a chance to see the shops and meet the people behind them. 

First stop was Stag Coffee. The perfect place for a meet and great. There hot chocolate and salted caramel are to die for. It's a place when you'd escape the cold with a book or just to sit and enjoy a drink and some food. 

Next up was Snap Jewellery. It's not your average Jewellery shop. This jewellery has a great concept behind it. It's all in the snap. You pick your piece of jewellery and then one of the many charms. There's a wide range which snap on and off to suit your mood and outfit. It's not just jewellery either, you can get notebooks, cards and even wedding invites and other pieces. 

Happy & Glorious is a cute shop which has a range of homely pieces. From arts and crafts, candles, beauty,  home and jewellery  bits. 

Tucked away is this cute tea shop called The Little Teapot. It's a quaint little place to go. It's has pastel coloured polka dot tablecloths and pretty decor. 

Emporia Fabric and Craft is the place to go for fabric and all things craft. Which is all in the name. 

Lastly Made in Ashford. It's owned by a mix of local people. They create their own things which they then sell in the shop. 

Overall it was a great day.  Whilst I couldn't stay for the whole time I had a lovely time and I'll be going back. If you haven't been get down to Ashford and see this little piece of magic. 

Rye and Camber

This post is a little overdue but better late than never. A while ago Ian and I went to stay near rye. It was nice getting away to the coast. We needed some time to just relax and think about nothing. To just live in the moment with no worries. 

We took a walk through the cobbled streets and looked in shops and got sweets.
We had rosy apples and cola bottles and browsed vinyl. Until we decided it was time to eat.

We got fish and chips which we took to the beach. We sat at camber and ate our dinner as the sun starting going down. It was nice to feel relaxed and enjoy each others company. It was the perfect staycation. Sometimes staycations are the best.

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