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Wish List Wednesday

It's been a while since I've written one of these. I'd love to say it's because there is nothing I've wanted but it's not. I mean I am a girl and I can't help but want some new clothing.

Tesco Home A/W 2017

Earlier this year I was invited to come along to the Tesco Home A/W 2017 press preview. I snapped up the chance to go as they are a company and brand I love. I got there and I instantly fell in love with everything and I mean everything. Tesco has really thought about the season and what people want. I feel like they've got inside my head and seen exactly what I like.

Guest Bedroom Transformation

For those of you who don't know, I've moved. We've been in the house for nearly two weeks and I'm loving it. Ian and I have been busy bees indeed. Taking the first week off to move in and make it a bit more us. We went full force and did as much as we could. 

Silken Diagonal Barcelona Review

The Silken Diagonal hotel was a bit of a dream. I say that because it was even better than I thought it would be. Yes, I booked the hotel but it was more fab than it looked online.

Beefeater The Beacon Dartford

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to review Beefeater,  The Beacon in Dartford. I wasn't going to turn down the chance to enjoy a good meal. With a voucher in hand I booked it for the start of a week.  I did this as I thought it would be a little quieter. Boy was I wrong. Being busy is always a good sign though. 


In March,  Ian and I went to Barcelona. A place Ian has wanted to take me for a while. 
We were blessed with beautiful blue skies and sunshine, although it was incredibly windy. 
Like true Brits it didn't stop us from enjoying the sunshine. I even bared my legs. Come on I wasn't going to waste the sunshine, I mean you got to make the most of it.

Historic Dockyard Chatham

Another week and another adventure. Ian and I are always looking for new places to go and explore. This time it was The Historic Dockyard in Chatham. It's funny isn't it, the places that are closest are the ones you mean to go to and never do. 
So, when the I was invited to spend the day there I jumped at the chance.

Barcelona - Places to Eat

Last month Ian and I went to Barcelona. We went for a weekend break which was so needed. Whilst we were there we were spoilt for food. I found some pretty great places which I wanted to share with you guys. Cause you know, your might want to go there too. 


Health & Fitness Tools

Health and Fitness has never come easy to me. I'd love to say I'm one of those health and fitness mega babes but sadly I'm not.

Yotel Gatwick Hotel Review

Last month, Ian and I spent the night in Yotel at Gatwick. We choose to stay here because frankly, the price was hard to turn down. That and there was something about it. It's quirky, innovative and fun concept was something that really interested me. I had to give it a go. 

5 Beauty Buys for a £1

Beauty products are a must have for me. Now I don't mean this in the sense like the girls that leave and breathe beauty. As I must confess, I've never really been into it like that.

Ideal Home Show

Last week I went to the Ideal Home Show. I've wanted to go for years but never had the time to go. I say this because usually, I am very busy this time of year. This year I was offered 2 free tickets and I thought what better excuse. That and well, I am moving house in the next couple of months, so a girl needs all the inspiration she can get. 

From Home to House

I have called this place my home for 7 years now. It is mine and Ian's home a place we have made ours. Lining the shelves with books that we have read and kept over the years. The walls adorned with years of memories, places, art and words. Candles lit and a cosy and homely feel about it. With pretty plants and all the rest.

What is Love...

What with it being Valentine's last week, I have been thinking a lot about love. I'm sure we've all felt love or been in love at one stage or another. So, what better time to celebrate love.


It's that time of year. Yes,  it's Valentine's day.

5 Tips to Nail that Interview

Looking for a job is never easy. I should know since graduating I have had countless jobs. That being said a fair few have been temp jobs where I was only needed for a short amount of time. I have finally found a permanent job which I am really enjoying. Go me!

Wish List Wednesday

Black Lacquer Tray
 Large Raspberry and Vanilla Candle
Elmore Clear Textured Highball Glasses
Moss Knit Blanket
Beige and Green Embroidered Pouffe

Homeware is occupying my mind at the moment. With the possibility of moving later in the year I can't help but things I can add to things I've already got. Textiles are a great way to add a new look like this blanket and pouffe. Candles always give that homely hygge feel and this one sounds divine.
Lastly it's been a while since I added any new items to the kitchen. I have been after some glasses like this for a while and I love these. Be perfect for cocktails and bbq season. Lastly this tray will look fab in the kitchen adding a bit of texture and pattern. 

6 Tips to Nail that Application

Applying for jobs can be a bit daunting a times. I should know I've applied for enough in the past. 
My family always comes to me when they need help with their's, thats when I realised I should share what I know. Having picked things up along the way I've got some great tips. 

1. Read
Read the job specification and anything else related to the job. Don't just skim it. When I first started applying that's all I did. I thought it was for me to have a quick read to see if I liked the tasks I'd be doing. What an idiot right? This is a rookie error.
These documents are for you to use on your application. 

2. Personal Statement
Now I don't know that all jobs have this, but for me I have had to write lots. They are time consuming but for a good reason. They demonstrate your want, drive, and ability to actually do the job. You need to write something that covers every single point in the job specification. That's right, every single point. 

3. Examples
The importance of this is extremely high. They want you to show that you have done the what's on the job specification. Give them what they want. Especially as a applications tend to be marked on a point basis with the highest getting an interview.

Now on some jobs it may give a number for you to have an informal chat. You may think it's a good idea to call just to say your interested and going to apply for the job. Don't. Don't waste their time to tell them something they will find out. They want people to call if they have a question or what more in depth understanding. No stupid questions. This is a bit of an insider tip, whilst working at a job I heard people call up with no point. When the manager got off the phone, they didn't seem impressed. Yes it's good to get your name out there as interested but not if it's going to reflect badly.

5. Check
Double check your application. Be it you, a loved one, or someone you can trust.
This is important as you sometimes need that extra set of eyes to catch anything you've missed.

6. Don't Lie
Yes everyone tells a little white lie. If you lie you'll get caught out. This is not something I have done, but I have heard of other people doing it. If you get the job and can't do what's required it's not going to look good.
Think of it like this, you're a penny but you got to clean it to give it a shine. You're not changing it to be something different. 


So it's 2017...

What does that mean?

Well, for some it's a new start or beginning. As the saying goes, 'new year new start'.

For me it's a clean slate. Not to start again but, to let go of all the bad.  Be it negativity, people that don't care or judgement. To be free of it, and move forwards without it.

2016 was about being selfish. Putting myself first and ultimately learning to say no. I did just that and it's made me feel a lot better. However I have quite shaken that guilty feeling that comes with it. So I just need to stop worrying what people think.

2017 is going to be a continuation of last year. Putting myself first. Making myself a priority. I want to go a bit further this year. I want to start taking better care of myself, both physically and mentally. That doesn't mean dieting or losing weight. No.
It's means eating better and getting out into the fresh air. I mean it's all about balance, right?

So what does 2017 bring...

Well there's only one true wish I have for this year but like they say if you tell it won't come true. So here it is,  me silently sending it out into the universe. In the hope it comes true.

Along with that I hope that 2017 will bring new experiences, new places and new friends. All with Ian by my side. For us it'll mark 7 years that we've been together and later it'll mark 2 years of marriage. Life is so much better when you have your love, your best friend there with you through life's fun adventure.

So here's to 2017

May it bring you all you want.

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